Funky Grooves, Breaks and Vibes

While it doesn’t always come out in my posts, I’m a huge fan of the funky. Being the only one in college jammin P-Funk, Ohio Players, Isley Brothers, EW&F, et al gives me some sort of cred, I guess…or maybe not.

Whatever the case I absolutely love it when current day artists choose the funky route with their music and below I have a few examples of these for you.

The first on is from a favorite of mine, Breakbeat Junkie. Now all of Breakbeat Junkie’s work isn’t this funky, but as a fan of breakbeats in general, he’s a must follow.

Crazy Jerk by The Breakbeat Junkie

Then we have D.veloped, an artist out of North Carolina who along with this funky tune also supplies some pretty dope mixes as well. This remix of the Bar-Kays is more of a mini-mash, but it’s done with the utmost respect to the original tune and I dig all of the disparate samples thrown into the mix.

Bar-Kays – Too Hot To Stop (D.veloped Remix) by D.VELOPED

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