From the Vault, Brokenchord!

You might remember Brokenchord from his collaboration with Waxhole favorite fLako (posted as a bonus below), but what you might not know is that Brokenchord, out of Lithuania, has great stuff all on his own. These two tracks exhibit how good this guy is and while these aren’t new tracks, they’re definitely worthy of being shared.

This track here exhibits that greatness. Vocals that are distorted, maybe, and instrumentation that brings you into his space to enjoy thoroughly, this track has it all. Now all we need is for more material and we’ll be set!

So follow Brokenchord (Soundcloud, Facebook) and wait patiently with me for the new stuff to drop. Hopefully it’s not another 4 months away!

fLako & Brokenchord – Come Back As A Flower by brokenchord

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Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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