FlamesYall Has Been Busy….Y’all

FlamesYall has been busy. Since his great re-work of Scroobius Pip’s first label signing Jackamo Brown’s debut album (HERE), FlamesYall has been busy and has given us a new album and as always for free.

The first selection below, however, is a 3 track set of tracks he has done with a lyricist by the name of Co$$. The set from awhile ago is a great representation of how the other two tracks go. Great beat with a great lyricist flowing on top, gives this track one of those peeks into the future when there will be more to come from these two…hopefully.

The next selections are from the 9 track album featuring FlamesYall production and 9 different MC’s contributing their work. Just like the Drift Of The World album project mentioned above this album features different MC’s and still hits the mark on every one. Not sure where he finds these guys, but they all work so well.

So check these songs, but most of all check the entire sets and download them for free (Thanks FlamesYall!!) and follow FlamesYall (Soundcloud, Facebook) for more. Also check his Bandcamp page (HERE) for some of his past work. The ATCQ tribute album is so definitely worth a listen. He’s got more in his bag, and when he throws something out, it is always worth the attention.

WishYouWereClearContinued (Feat.Co$$ and Goose) by FlamesYall

WeLiveInnnBeauty(Cyclops) by FlamesYall

RaiiiseYaGlass(keb0) by FlamesYall

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