fLako’s Mating Dance

It is no secret that we here at Waxhole are huge fans of anything fLako puts out. Collaborations, remixes and originals all get the same treatment from us because no matter what the project or endeavor, it is always of the utmost quality.

This track here is off of a 12″ vinyl release from Eclosure Records. The other single from this EP was posted last month (HERE) and it’s a perfect companion. The vocals, the native instrumentation, the slightly off-kilter synthwork all lend to the beauty and uniqueness that is fLako.

So enjoy this track, go back and listen to Honey Drips, the other tune, and follow fLako (Soundcloud, Facebook) as well. It’s completely necessary and compulsory….at least it should be.

fLako – Mating Dance (Free Download) by fLako

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