Readers of the blog recently will have noticed an influx of E-TRAIN posts (HERE, HERE and HERE) in anticipation of the upcoming album, The Imagination of Mr. Malo, that drops tomorrow (get it HERE). I’ve been following E-TRAIN for a bit and the news that a new album was dropping was a great piece of news.

This track features LUCCA helping out on production which is usually reserved for E-TRAIN himself. I can’t complain, though, because LUCCA (@Luccatunes) supplies the Sleigh Bells type ruckus to compliment E-TRAIN’s gruff lyrical flow. Listening to other cuts off the album, E-TRAIN definitely alternates between the softer side and the bangin’ side. I don’t think anyone can accuse E-TRAIN of staying put in a rut, and this album exemplifies that.

So jam this tune, check out the album when it drops (HERE), check out his coming home show if you’re in Chicago, and follow E-TRAIN (Soundcloud, Facebook). He is always putting out the material and many times for free!

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