Cheyah for a Great Remix Competition!

Waxhole has been lucky to develop relationships with many awesome artists, labels and other industry folks and one of those great relationships is with fellow Texans, Gravitas Records. The label head, the artists in the collective and the friends of the label are all such great people and it’s a joy to not only hang out with them, but consume their always stellar releases.

Mr. Bill is also another one we’ve gotten to know first through his music, and then with an interview. He’s about as good of people as they come and it comes out with his support for his fellow producers, from the newest of newcomers to the saltiest of veterans.

You might remember a few months ago the release of the Neurovation compilation (HERE) which features many Gravitas artists and many that aren’t on Gravitas. One of those tracks is Mr. Bill’s Cheyah, posted below, and in true mr. Bill fashion has produced the stems from his track for the producer community to do as they will. Partnering up with Gravitas who is now sponsoring a remix competition with these stems (details HERE), Mr. Bill has really expanded the reach of this great cause and this great song. Already getting remix interest from artists all over the spectrum, the remix competition looks to be off to a great start.

So check the original from Mr. Bill, and get hooked on the competition. Great tune, great prizes, great people and most of all a great cause. And while you’re at it, follow Mr. Bill (Soundcloud, Facebook, Official Site) and Gravitas (Soundcloud, Facebook, Official Site) and again, check this page for more details on the remix competition.

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