Good friend of Waxhole, and seemingly endless source of new tunage, DJ Babyshoe hit me up with a hot tip on some new awesome jams. He was so enthusiastic about it I figured why not let him have a guest post here on the blog!

“Two fresh breaths soar high from the Rocky Mountains. CCERULEANN, a duo comprised of Elliott Baker out of Denver, CO and his sister, Marilyn out of the UK, releases their self-titled EP (get it HERE) into the world today.

“Future Wind” comes in with just the right amount of texture and taste for an overall vibe of this crisp audible representation of emotions.

Hailing from the Salty Lakes of Utah, RoboCLIP (THIS guy) throws his take on CCERULEANN’s – “Future Wind” beefing it up into a heavyweight contender, clearly demonstrating that these two artists are a force to be reckoned with when combining both wind and fire into the equation.”

So jam these tunes, get the  album (HERE), follow CCERULEANN (Facebook, Soundcloud) and RoboCLIP (Facebook, Soundcloud) and enjoy where their music takes you.

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