Carling Ruse, Looking So Handsome

For those of you watching election coverage and sweating it out for your candidate or your state’s propositions, try to relax, will ya? I can’t supply a nice smooth scotch, but I can supply a nice chill mix from a favorite of ours, Carling Ruse. Remember Carling from this post? Well she’s not only got great production skills, but she also has wonderful taste in music as this mix exemplifies.

The mix was put together for a Canadian clothing line, Handsome Clothing (Official Site, Shop and Facebook) and judging from the past remixes (including the likes of RuddyP, Star Slinger, and Deebs) they have some outstanding taste in music.

So check out Handsome Clothing’s site, follow their Soundcloud for more mixes and enjoy the hours of great mixes they have compiled.

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Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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