Beaucoup Buku!

Buku! If you haven’t heard of him to this point, then get to know him sharpish. New and exciting things are coming from this producer out of Pittsburgh, P A has some chops as you will see below and his tunes carry out that message.

Below you will see three tracks and two snippets, one of a track out now through Slit Jockey and one of a Starkey remix that really bangs. And although these tracks go back a bit in his catalogue, they show his range and his skill and serve to pique that interest and make those lips water for what he has in store for us in 2013.

So check these tracks, follow Buku (Soundcloud, Facebook) for the upcoming release/s and have fun ripping through his back catalogue.

Buku – Janky by Buku

Buku – Prowl by Buku

Starkey – Command (Buku Remix) ///Out Now on Civil Music\\\ by Buku

Buku – Slippy (Clip) ///Out Now on Slit Jockey\\\ by Buku

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