Woody, the ATLien

Woody’s Produce has done it again, folks. He’s taken a rap icon and turned it into the smoothness he did with Biggie Smalls (remember this?). And to make it even better, he’s making this the first of a bigger all-Outkast project again like he did with Biggie.

The chill vibes of Woody’s instrumentation, and overall production, really compliment that laidback Outkast style and this partnership that’s forming I can tell is going to be very well-received.

So let’s all do this. Let’s listen to this track (on repeat, obviously), let’s follow Woody’s Produce for when those new joints drop (Soundcloud, Official Website, Facebook, Twitter) and let’s all show him some serious love. He and his works truly deserve it!

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Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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