Vital and Hubb Don’t Look Back

Welp, it’s Sunday night. Another weekend in the books and another week, unfortunately just 1 sleep away. That alarm clock’s harshness will be invading our senses way too soon now. But before the alarm takes every semblance of joy out of your life, enjoy these two tunes from fellow Texans, Vital and Hubb (for one track at least). These two are doing good things with the chill part of the ‘step’ genres and the fact that they’re right next door makes it even better.

These two tracks, an original featuring Courtney Wachtel, and a remix of another fellow Texan, Solange, feature Vital and Hubb as producers who know what they’re doin at the production table.

Enjoy these tracks, follow them (Vital’s Soundcloud, Hubb’s Soundcloud) and show them some love!

Vital & Hubb feat. Courtney Wachtel – Don’t Look Back by Jeffrey Evan

Solange – Losing You (Vital Remix) by Jeffrey Evan

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