TYR gets us Stimulated

It has been awhile since TYR has been on the blog (HERE and HERE) but that doesn’t mean he has stopped producing goodies.

He came out with an album not too long ago and today he’s dropping a remix EP just for you, his fans. Free to you and enjoyable to boot, it’s a win-win!

Below I’ve posted three of the 4 on the EP, so go HERE to download and listen to the mystery track. The remix of Fleetwood Mac is my favorite, but the Flume remix is right behind. the Charlie Mars remix is bad-ass as well and again..there’s that mystery track…

So Follow TYR, and show him some love!

Charlie Mars – How I Roll (TYR Remix) by TYR

Flume – Sleepless (TYR & Rodway Remix) by TYR

Fleetwood Mac – The Chain (TYR Remix) by TYR

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