TRiLL MURRAY With The Lust

Trap, Trap, Trap. That’s all we seem to hear these days. Whether it’s 20 different Gangnam Style Trap remixes or the umpteenth time you’ve heard the same “Damn Son!” sample trap’s either gotten on your nerves or has become a little overplayed. The fact remains, though, that there are still guys out there doing great work with the genre’s signature sounds and feel. Guys that can produce without overpowering, can produce subtly but yet not underwhelm. Guys like Bleep Bloop, heRobust and LOUDPVCK know how to do it and they do it well. Trill Murray also knows how to Run The Trap responsibly and with purpose. Not just looking for spots to drop the…drop, or the sample that everyone has heard many times before, Trill keeps it fresh.

You know what else keeps this EP fresh? Remixes from 710 Records roster mates of Bleep Bloop, +verb, $INE$ (that remix is very very nice) and many more give the listener so much more to masticate on.

Below are a few of the tracks I’ve enjoyed the most, but do not take these tracks as the only ones worth posting. They’re all class, and they’re all worth downloading.

So check this album (HERE), buy for however much you feel is deserving and show Trill Murray some love (Facebook, Soundcloud).

TRiLL MURRAY – “Hiding Behind Every Door” by TRiLL MURRAY


TRiLL MURRAY “Lust (2hx2)” by TRiLL MURRAY


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