Trap Edition

These days Trap has taken over.  Everything now has a Trap remix.  Everyone is flirting with Trap.  And just like Moombahton which just a few months ago was the new flavor, there is more crap than there is good.  The Trap craze has in just a short time has already created a backlash in the EDM scene, for it’s overpowering virus-like spread.  We’ve heard the arguments “They use the same samples in every song”, “It’s just a fad”, “every artist has to have crazy symbols in their names” and “It’s just hip-hop beats” and that all may be true. But the fact remains, when there are talented producers, ther will be good music, no matter the genre, and no matter how over/underplayed.  And Trap, if done correctly, can be fun as hell to listen and dance to. 

We’ve posted trap on here before (LOUDPVCK, heRobust, Flosstradamus, Djemba Djemba and others) but we haven’t really gone whole hog into the genre.  This post here exposes some producers I’ve heard recently who have been doing the Trap thing well and I feel like bringing them to you.

First we have Rell the SoundBender who brings some heavy Trap infused with hipo hop samples.  Brining the genre full circle to include elements of the genre it is so heavily linked to.

Superior by Rell The SoundBender

Then we have Wicked Awesome, who out of Boston (and whose Soundcloud avatar makes me laugh every time) and with this track is representing the trapical genre. While this is just a dalliance with a steel drum sample he does show that he doesn’t have to be over the top with his trappy goodness. Respectable trap, indeed, sir! Brilliant!


eSENtrik LeGinge has this one which might not be the prototypical trap, but I still like it.

LeGinge – ?pic? S??c? by LeGinge

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