Swamp Rat from our boys THiNK and SU:FX

What happens when you combine West Coast cousin with Central Texas cousin? You get a powerhouse duo (results are not typical) who’s WonderCuz Powers have united to produce a dark and bangin dnb track called, quite appropriately, Swamp Rat.

Combining the crazy Animalistic drums of SUFX and the off kilter synths that THiNK is always good for, you can see how they both have infused their own sounds and styles and yet stayed enough out of each others way to complete this blangin’ track.

While we have posted tracks from both sides of this collaboration (SU:FX, THiNK), this track is different from everything we’ve heard thus far. This shows how they’ve been able to meld into each others sound without compromising the overall track feel and quality.

So follow the two, (THiNK and SU:FX) and show them lotsa love. They and their tunes deserve it!

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Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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