Styles of Beyond: Interview and that New Album!

Sometimes you look back at artists you used to really jam out to and wish there had been more come out. For me it was Company Flow, The Artifakts and Styles of Beyond. After two insanely great albums, 2000 Folds and Megadef, Styles of Beyond looked to really be one of those groups that would last forever. Great friends in real life, with great chemistry in the studio and on the stage spoke to longevity. But then label shenanigans and an internal malaise happened, and the group ceased to be. Ryu went to work with Apathy and Celph Titled with Demigodz, and Apathy and Scoop Deville with Get Busy Committee, Tak inexplicably moved to Asia for a few years, Vin Skully and DJ Cheapshot stayed busy with their many production projects and the split just happened. No on stage bottle throwing tantrums, no closed door band meeting pink slips, just split. Still brothers, still comrades, and still doing what they love, the split looked worse to the fans than it did to the group.

Upon insistence from fans on the daily and from Celph Titled himself, the group started thinking of working to release their album Reseda Beach (pre-order HERE). An album that was put together in 2003-2004, it is now finally coming to light. Fans of the old school hip hop scene and vibe will definitely appreciate this album. SOB, is that group that just oozes how hiphop was always meant to be. Fun, respect for the craft and lifestyle, an most importantly, some dope beats.

Check the interview below for Ryu’s and Tak’ (the two MC’s) take on the current scene, the album, itself and what is next. As a bonus, cop these two tracks from the album, and by all means pre-order the album (With T-shirt or without T-shirt)! The second album of the package is chock-full of unreleased material and that T-shirt is one of a kind T-shirt! Serious hip hop heads should be all over this.

And show Styles of Beyond some love on Soundcloud, and with that Pre-order.

StylesofBeyond-Damn(featMichaelBuble) by StylesofBeyondMusic

Styles of Beyond – The Pirate Song by StylesofBeyondMusic

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