Stephan Jacobs and That New Album

Stephan Jacobs is no stranger to this blog, and he’s quickly making a name for himself in the glitch, bass, EDM scene. For great reason too! Whether remixing, collaborating or pushing out the originals, Jacobs is really making the music scene his own. Finding himself in the Headtron crew, Stephan is touring a lot and appearing in more places than before.

This schedule hasn’t diminished Stephan’s productivity, though. On the contrary, he’s managed to put out an entire 12 track album. This isn’t a glorified EP with 2 originals and 10 remixes. This album is the real deal and a monster.

Check out the track Yeax for that bassed out, wubby goodness. KOZA lending vocals on the wonderful track Wander Slow and acoustic guitar accompanied Tap My Shoulder. Don’t forget Holy Guacamole either. Crazy song title, but pretty damned fantastic track.

The tracks mentioned above are posted below for your edification, but go HERE to download the album in its entirety. Also, follow Stephan and his work (Soundcloud, Facebook). You’ll be happy you did!

  Yeax by Stephan Jacobs

Tap My Shoulder (feat Delevo) by Stephan Jacobs

Wander Slow (ft. Koza) by Stephan Jacobs

Holy Guacamole by Stephan Jacobs

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