Spor Has Us Lifted

If you would have told me that Spor was going to be dropping a few tracks today I’d have woken up much happier than I actually did.

Spor, who has been plying his trade as Feed Me for the past few years, has been tantalizingly close to returning for his die-hard Spor fans and now they have something to take hold of and enjoy.

from the melodic dubstep sound of Push me, Pull You to the track Ziggurat which has the sound reminiscent of one of his well-known tracks(and still one of my all-time favorites) Aztec, this little 2 track EP packs enough punch to reassure the Spor fans that he not only hasn’t forsaken the Spor brand altogether but can still bang.

Buy the EP (HERE), and enjoy the return of everyone’s favorite Spor.

Spor – Ziggurat by We Are Lifted™

Spor – Push Me, Pull You by We Are Lifted™

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Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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