Soulular has been on my radar for awhile and his music has been so good that I jump every time I see something new drop.

This EP has been out for a few months, but it is greatness. Released by himself earlier this year, he has teamed up with our friends at Gravitas Recordings to release it to a wider audience. And a wider audience deserves to hear this goodness.

Soulular, for those new to the name, is a chill bass specialist. Taking the more chill approach to the bass and glitch scene, Soulular has seen his sound up there with the likes of jOBOT, ChrisB and Sugarpill. At least I think he belongs.  The EP, SATELLITES is available exclusively on Beatport HERE and follow his Soundcloud and Facebook while you’re at it.

And now, to the music! The first track, FEEL ME, is a syrupy ride through a cut up vocal sample, and synthy atmosphere to give you a taste of what you’re in for with the album.  I think this one track sums up the greatness that comes with the album.

FEEL ME by ..::SOULUL?R::..

The second track, SATELLITE, gives you the feeling that you’re in a satellite, slowly, orbiting some planetary mass. The first minute and half is the dark side and then at that minute thirty you can imagine seeing that first crack of light on the other side. The track just takes you away after that and you soar through sweeping track until at minute 2:30, you’re back on the dark side waiting for that next glimpse of the sun


The third track, The rhythm gives us somespacey bleep bloops, vocals and slow and low beat to groove on.  It’s a slow groove, but a groove nonetheless.  I only wish we had more vocals to chomp on!

The Rhythm by ..::SOULUL?R::..

The fourth track, LOVERS, is aptly named as this is the sexiest of the sexy bunch.  The bassline walks you up the stairs, in the door and to the bed while the vocal sample whispers in your ear.  It’s truly a great track and my favorite.

LOVERS by ..::SOULUL?R::..

And then the final track, TAKE IT FROM ME, caps the EP with a little more bounce, without bumpin you out from under the sheets.  It’s just enough to get your head noddin, and your toes tappin’ without wakin’ the neighbors.


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