Sid gives us an EP full of Fire and Love

You all want to hear a great EP? How about one from an artist who was posted not too long ago? Sid Pattni from Perth was featured a few weeks ago (HERE) for his tremendous remix of Common Sense’s John the Revelator and now he has a fantastic EP to offer. With the tracks hitting all the right spots, Sid has gone from an intriguing artist to keep an eye on, to a producer to watch like a ravenous buzzard circling overhead.

This album is located HERE on Bandcamp where for only $7 you can get this EP of goodies. 

The track below and the Common remix linked to above shows what kind of greatness you’re in store for when you buy the EP.  It’s a really exciting EP for an artist whom I’ve just started following. I cannot wait to see what comes out next!  Follow Sid and find out with me.

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Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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