Noyce with the Nice Nice

Hey guys! You remember ta-ku, right? The phenomenal beatsmith out of Australia? This guy? Or this guy? Or…ok you get the picture. Anyway, ta-ku has done everyone a solid and created a collective and record label spawning it’s first album from a fellow producer by the name of Noyce.

The label is Sunday Records (follow them HERE) and this first foray into releasing an album is a huge success. Every track is an interesting but adventurous trip down different avenues, mews, rabbit holes, whatever.

The album available for Free Download (HERE) is 6 tracks of varying degrees of chilled goodness, but chilled in the sense that it is a laid back affair. This will not put you to sleep, though. The twists and turns Noyce (follow him HERE) takes in his tunes will keep the eyes open, the head bobbin’, and the synapses firin’.

Loving this and I’m hoping this is just the first of many releases from the collective/label.

Noyce – Lucy by Sunday Records

Noyce – With you by Sunday Records

Noyce – Always by Sunday Records

Noyce – Moods by Sunday Records

Noyce – Ongoing by Sunday Records

Noyce – Yearn by Sunday Records

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