Night of The Living Shoe!!!

Waxhole friend and CO cohort, DJ Babyshoe, is at it again. Following up the success of the event he along with Waxhole threw in August (remember?), he’s having another shindig at The Deer Pile. This one is The Night of The Living Shoe. Around Halloween the forces of Babyshoe, Dirty//Clean and Holy Underground unite to treat the Denver faithful to beats, disco, DJ action and just general awesomeness.

Featuring Babyshoe himself, Snubluck, Real Cosby, Groove Cereal, Black Amex, L E IT and RumTum, this is one stacked bill.

One thing that is for certain is that this will be a party. Costumes, bass, disco and dancing…so much dancing will be everywhere. I won’t be able to make it and it makes me sick, but anyone near Denver should make a point to make it down there.

Below you will see some tracks from the acts that will be involved. Please follow them, give them some love and support them in all of their endeavors.

L E IT and RumTum project, Moss Point:
Untitled by Moss Point

Good blog buddy and beatstrordinaire Snubluck:
Walking Lucid [Free download from the “Summer In the City” comp] by Snubluck

NuDisco outfit, Black Amex:
Love Is A Mystery by Black Amex

Trip hop specialissimo, Groove Cereal:
Biggs to Basics (Extended Breakfast Remix) by Groove Cereal

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