Moodprint; So New, So Good

Moodprint is a new project. So very new, but so very great. This first effort by the duo, Alectric and Poldoore (more about him in a later post), does not sound like a first project. That is because these two are seasoned vets of the live music scene of their hometown, Leuven, in central Belgium. Home to a 1st Division footy team and the home of Stella Artois (I had to look that one up) this town isn’t as sleepy or bucolic as some might intimate. Part of that vibrance is the live music scene which the duo have been a part of for a few years now.

As Poldoore recalls:

The two of us met by going to the same parties in our hometown, Leuven. Alex had been DJing bass-hiphop music for a few years and started producing some tracks of his own. Since I had been into producing for a longer time, he came to me for some advice on his tracks. I had been interested in this genre for a while too and wanted to produce some more electronic bassy hiphop of my own, so we just put 2 and 2 together and started Moodprint. After a few get-togethers we had 3 or 4 tracks that were 50% done, and that’s when we took all our gear and went to France for a few days to wrap up all these tracks. We rented this little house and just produced for 4 days straight until the EP was finished.

As for the music itself, you will see the 4 tracks in their entirety below. But go purchase the album (HERE) as this new project deserves the love and attention. The 4 tracks and 15 minutes of goodness is way too short for this project and hopefully there is more are to come.  Buying the album, following them in droves (Soundcloud, Facebook) and showing them all the love will go far in solidifying the decision to produce more as the duo.

The first track, Take Me 2, is a chilled out joint that uses vocal samples, old school beats (nod to Poldoore’s sound) and even some guitar work to make this one sexy jam. if you like artists like LuQuS, atu, or zaika, you’ll love this tune.

Take Me 2 by Moodprint

The second track starts out like it could have been taken from Poldoore’s personal collection in that the hip hop vibe and jazzy elements come through. Then just a few seconds in Alectric’s bass bordering on trap influence kicks in and brings together the two styles all the way through the track giving us one of those songs that gives you a little bit of everything throughout.

Boomboxin’ by Moodprint

The third track again starts out on the mellow tip, but just a minute in you get that change-up that reminds you of Bleep Bloop or Tokyo Hands. The two styles blend together so effortlessly on this track that you can’t quite tell whose fingerprints are on what.

’96 JuKnow! by Moodprint

The last track, and probably my favorite of the 4 uses a police siren sample juxtaposed with Smokey Robinson and various other vocal samples to lay down a track that you could get down to any time and anywhere.

McElove by Moodprint

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