LowRiderz Droppin’ It Nasty

It’s been awhile since we’ve featured An-Ten-Nae on the blog, but with this latest LowRIDERz EP, he cannot be denied any longer. LowRIDERz are An-ten-Nae, DJ Laura Low and now Auberon (new entrant for the crew) and they all deserve equal credit for the success of the LowRIDERz sound on this EP. Auberon may not be a familiar name to you as well, but you have probably seen her work especially if you’ve ever seen a beats Antique show. Dancing and helping Zoe out with the choreography, Auberon’s now expanded her reach to providing vocals, dancing and general badassery to the LowRIDERz crew.

Drop It Nasty is the quintessential An-Ten-Nae sound. Crunkin beat, synths with the vocals of auberon rappin’ sultrily over, adds a great element to the LowRIDERz sound. The moombah-trap joint Warrior (Dark Dub) is a great joint to really vibe to as it changes up periodically through the track keeping you guessing what is around the next corner. Finally, You Can’t Catch Me fufills that need for chill trap, replete with vocoded vocals, trapped 808’s and the bass that sets the subwoofers bumpin’ this is a great capper to the album.

The LowRIDERz crew has not only put out this nice little EP, but have given to you for free as well! Download it (HERE), show the crew some love and follow them wherever you can (Facebook, Soundcloud).

LowRIDERz – Drop It Nasty << FREE DL >> by an-ten-nae

LowRIDERz – Warrior (Dark Dub) << FREE DL >> by an-ten-nae

LowRIDERz – You Can’t Catch Me << FREE DL >> by an-ten-nae

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