K Theory’s New Track + Interview

K Theory have been regulars on the blog and in our weekly Turntable.fm shindigs so we’ve gotten to know Dylan and Dustin somewhat through the virtual medium.  But we have questions that need answering, but have never asked.  K Theory were great sports to sit down and answer those Top 10 questions we’ve had on the tips of our tongues, but never got around to asking. The Q&A is below.

Also below is a really great newly released track called VC Commander.  This track really goes hard, bumping along with the bass and the glitch, the synths underlying the trappy elements.  This is the most hyphy track K Theory have done since their remix of Azealia Banks’s 212.  So enjoy and follow the guys of K Theory.  As you see below, they’re some good dudes.

Waxhole: A little background on the two of you. How did you meet, musical background, etc.
K Theory: We met on Facebook & found out we both used Reason, had one production session together & the rest is history. Dustin has been making EDM since 2002 & I have been in bands / writing music since 2006. We have both gone to school for music as well.

Waxhole: You have been putting out a lot of varied music. Not just dubstep, but not just electro or glitch either. Are these experiments or are you guys leaning on going in other directions with your music?
K Theory: For all our music, we just do what speaks to us. Recently we decided to categorize it all as electronic, so there was no confusion for the non-elitist listener. We are definitely experimenting a lot right now & testing what works, always progressing, never stagnant.

Waxhole: How do you guys as a duo approach production and live sets?
K Theory: We have a very unique production environment. We live together & our studio is in the living room, so we just wake up & get to work every day, at least 40+ hours a week of studio time. I (Dylan) do most of the DJ sets & Dustin joins me for the LIVE PA, where he plays the key parts.

Waxhole: When you put together a live set, what do you pay attention to. Or make sure you include?
K Theory: For the live set, we include a lot of our tracks that are rich in melodic content, which is most of them & only play original material, no remixes we have done. We strip down the melodic content out of the tracks to make room for the live keys, as well as a lot of the percussion for our drummer to fill in on the fly.

Waxhole: What is your live set-up like?
K Theory: Currently we are using 3 computers for our LIVE PA, one to run the patches for the keys, another paired with an MPD 26 to do live sampling, & a third to control serato to mix our tracks or cdjs if they are available. We have a stand up drummer who plays all percussion parts except for the kick, which we leave in the bounced out tracks. We also sometimes bring our vocalist along to do live vocals & are integrating a midi bass player in 2013 to increase the live instrumentation.

Waxhole: You guys just did Beyond Wonderland, sharing the stage with Orbital (personal longtime favorite of mine), RL Grime, Borgore, Ed Rush & Optic, Tokimonsta, Daedalus, and Justin Martin. Such a diverse group, how did the crowd react to your set, and did you learn anything from the guys that shared your stage? Anything from those or anyone else from the festival stick out at you?
K Theory: Playing Beyond Wonderland was such an amazing experience. We played a traditional DJ set consisting only of K Theory productions & the crowd loved all of new music. It was an honor to share the stage with all of amazing artists that played, but we definitely were reaffirmed that the big room sound dominates the massive.

Waxhole: What’s next, tour-wise, for you guys?
K Theory: We are gearing up to tour right now, prepping the hybrid live set, which we will be running in Colorado for three dates (Breckenridge, Boulder, & Fort Collins), hitting up a massive party in Hawaii the day before thanksgiving, playing Control at Avalon in Hollywood the day after thanksgiving, with a return to Colorado early December to play Denver. A bunch of shows in the south & east coast are shaping up, but we haven’t announced them yet. Feels like we are pretty much going to be all over the place next year. Until then, we are playing a few shows locally, which includes a gig at The Warfield in San Francisco, which we are most excited about & will be testing out all of our nu electro!

Waxhole: We’ve seen you on Turntable.fm a few times. What do you like most about your experiences on there? You going to come around more often?
K Theory: We love TTFM! The whole concept is great & your room is always bumpin’ & full of great people and energy. We like being able to share our new tracks early & interact with people who enjoy our music, as well as catch all the new music everyone else is dropping. We have also met a few people off the site in real life at gigs & it’s been a great connection!

Waxhole: You guys have done some really fantastic remixes all throughout your career. Is there anything you look for in a track to remix, or is it basically when something hits you as great or has potential you jump on it? Any new remixes for us to keep an eye out for?
K Theory: Every remix we have chosen to do spoke to us in some weird way and made us do the remix, we are always super into the tracks we are remixing or at least one of us & then it ends up growing on the other, ha. We have a big remix for Gareth Emery coming out on his label Garuda for his single “Concrete Angel”, we are pretty stoked on this one as it is a great example of the “Nu Electro” sound we have been developing & will segue into the original material we are releasing soon in that same style.

Waxhole: What’s next for you guys?
K Theory: Making tracks for days, expanding the LIVE act, & making people feel good when they see us perform or listen to our music. We are coining 2013 as the year of “Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop”.

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