jOBOT’s Gratitude is your Reward

jOBOT understands the need for Sunday Sexy. Hell, he understands the need for sexy, period. This is why he put out this little 4 track EP called Gratitude.

Not only is there the vibe and the textures that make a great downtempo album, but there are purpley synths, vocals (from jOBOT himself!) and just general atmosphere that screams for sexytimes.

You know jOBOT from these tracks (HERE) and if you’ve visited our Waxhole Thursdays on, and you’ve loved him. But this new sound is just altogether too awesome to not want more.

Whatever you do, clock these tracks, cop the free download of the EP (HERE) and enjoy to the fullest.

01 The Farthest by jOBOT

02 What You Were Meant To Bring by jOBOT

03 Seldom There in A Time of Need by jOBOT

04 Life Must Be Such a Breeze by jOBOT

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