Hypha; The Bass Whisperer

Hypha is a favorite of mine, and not because he puts out tons of free music available to everyone (although that IS a factor), but because he puts out great music (like THIS or THIS). Usually with hypha, you get a good dose of juke, trap or footwork or all three, with some bass always being a factor.

With this album, Whispers, off of Muti music, though, the sound is more bass like you’d find with ChrisB, Gladkill or Sugarpill. Hypha doesn’t however, get stale in his styles, with this album or in general and that’s why I love his work so much.

Following him is always an adventure, or in Forrest Gump parlance, like a box of chocolates. So follow Hypha (HERE), buy that new album (HERE) and above all, show him some love. He’s an amazing producer that doesn’t get as much press as he deserves.

Hypha – Rosita [Muti Music] by hypha

Hypha – Palma [Muti Music] by hypha

Hypha – You Dont Understand [Muti Music] by hypha

Hypha – Mixed Feelings [Muti Music] by hypha

Hypha – Solar Winds [Muti Music] by hypha

Hypha – Suspiras [Muti Music] by hypha

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