Flume, making the rounds

Ok I can’t resist any longer. I’ve been seeing these Flume remixes coming out and I’ve resisted throwing them out because we’ve posted Flume before many times and this tune twice (original and video). We try and bring the fresh sounds to you, but I just can’t help it now. I’ve been hearing too many great remixes to keep saying no.

Below are two of my favorites so far. One from Waxhole favorite Shlohmo and one from a newcomer L D R U. If you’ve been around the interwebs for any length of time you’ve heard the Shlohmo remix, but if not enjoy to the fullest. This L D R U joint though just might be the freshest you’ve heard to this point.

So follow Shlohmo, L D R U and Flume and enjoy their sounds. With this great of an original, I’m sure there will be other great remixes that surface and we shall see if I’m strong enough to say no.

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Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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