Fiona Apple, Blockhead Style

Blockhead is the man. He’s the guy behind so much greatness that you can sometimes forget just how great he is. Not only is his work behind the board epic, but his albums are chock-full of win as well. His latest one, for example is so great it’s hard to pick out a favorite, or a top 5…or order by favorites…you get the picture..

Those that only know him as Ninja Tunes Blockhead, or as producer for Aesop, Murs, Slug, etc. should know him as an all around great guy. Whether in person at a show, or online via Twitter or his blog, he’s entertaining in more ways than one.

So when he released this little remix he did just because of Fiona Apple’s track Hot Knife, I was all over it.

So check the tune, download it for free HERE, buy Fiona’s album HERE because it is class, and whatever you do follow Blockhead wherever you can (Blog, Ninja Tune profile, Facebook, Twitter)

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Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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