E-TRAIN Glows Oh So Hard


Well Waxhole Thursday came and went. We heard from regulars like The Digital Connection, Bronze Whale and Libations & Oscillations (always a treat!), we heard from recent discoveries like RobCLIP, Astrum and L E IT (so good!). But the fact that we hosted E-TRAIN’s debut on Turntable.fm and welcomed an impromptu visit from CloZee just put the day into overdrive. Between E-TRAIN dropping unreleased material and the great reaction from the crowd, there was a debut of his Glow So Hard video on the verge of dropping.

That video as we see above is that very same debut. Hitting multiple outlets the video’s gotten a huge exposure in just a short period of time.

We love everything E-TRAIN does, his production is always on point, bringing elements into a hip hop joint you’d never heard. Glow So Hard is one of those tracks where the production gets you from the first few seconds. Add in E-TRAIN’s vocals and we have some greatness on our hands.

So check this video, download the song for free and by all means follow the man (Soundcloud, Facebook). He’s quite the benevolent artist, giving away many, many tracks to the fans.

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