Draft’s new EP is the Beginning of Something Great

If you were reading the blog over the weekend, you might remember this post (HERE) that included some pretty great remixes of Four Tet, The Weeknd and DJ Shadow. well the great news is that draft has an album out (HERE) that brings together the goodness from those remixes and accentuates with all originals.

Draft, a great producer out of London, was great enough to put together a mix of the album for your review. This mix is below and it really does give a great feeling as to what the album has in store for you. Including the Four Tet remix at the beginning and capping it with a previously unreleased tune, Draft has really given the listener some reason to not only buy the album (HERE) but to follow his every move. So do it…seriously!(Soundcloud, Facebook, Twitter)

Not only did Draft put together this mix exclusively for Waxhole, but he was also kind enough to answer some questions regarding the album:

Waxhole – What was the inspiration for this album?
Draft – I had all of these tracks, with about 25 more, that were sitting on the hard drive – I write a lot of music. A lot of people had heard some of them, either recorded or live, and began inquiring about them. Eventually the inquiries turned into; ‘why not just stick them out on a release’ – which is what I eventually did. The feedback has far surpassed what I imagined.

Waxhole – How long was this EP in the making?
Draft – The EP was made over 2012, almost on the back burner. Originally it was for a label, but the turnaround between me finishing and them acting on it was too long, so I had to step away from them. I recently signed with ThreeSixZero Group, but I considered the EP something I wanted to keep for myself, so rather than putting it to them and a label, I wanted to handle the release and distribution. Some of the tracks took a good few weeks to finish, others (i.e ‘Hermon Hill’), were done in a few days.

Waxhole – Any theme or thoughts the listener should heed upon listening?
Draft – Listen with an open mind, and leave your preconceptions at the door. Some of these tunes were the first that I could listen to on my iPod whilst traveling, happily, so that for me was a good sign – that I was enjoying my output. I’d hope others would do the same. Compared to the current unreleased material, this album isn’t sonically engineered to provoke a reaction, it was spur of the moment, emotive music.

Waxhole – What is next for Draft?
Draft – Ideally, I want to approach 2013 with a ‘play as many shows/tours as possible, before dying through exhaustion’ mentality. As far wide, globally, as possible. The next big step is to put the artist name out there enough to brand it, and push it to as much of an audience as possible. There’s a couple of Ibiza style tracks that are attracting big attention, but as people would’ve heard on the EP, I don’t like to be pigeon-holed. They won’t surface until that season kicks off anyway. The rest is all behind the scenes work with management, a few remixes, a film soundtrack, and a few more releases which will go out via some larger labels.

And now the music!

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