DJ Cheapshot’s Ice-T Colors

DJ Cheapshot just went way back in the vault for this track. Ice-T, before he was on network TV, and host of Pimp of The Year series and even before Bodycount, his bit metal outfit, Ice-T was a pretty dope rapper. This was off of a legit 80’s movie soundtrack of the same name which delved into gangs before Boyz In Tha Hood and Menace II Society blew the genre up.

So then we have DJ Cheapshot, whom you all know very well by now. Usually Cheapshot makes his tracks whimsical and light, whether remixing SkeeLo or Jeru Tha Damaja. This track, though, is a little more sonorous and darker than usual fare, without being grimey or gulley or what have you. I really enjoyed this take on a old tune.

So jam this track, download it for free and follow Cheapshot where you can (Soundcloud, Facebook). He’s the gift that keeps on giving.

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Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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