CoMa Rolling Snake Eyes

CoMa is back! For the most part we all know CoMa as the chill vocalist covering great tunes like THIS or chilled out goodies like THIS. Whatever the case CoMa has seen this blog more than once and for good reason. She always brings the goods.

This track, is a little different from her normal fare, though. One looking for the chill will be a little taken aback by the drum and bass of tghis one. But the vocals CoMa has provided allow for the juxtaposition of her chilled out goodness with Feint’s heavier beats and production.

A different taste of CoMa, but still good! So check out this track, buy it (HERE), follow CoMa (HERE) and if you are a fan of the drum and bass, like me, follow Monstercat (HERE), a nice little indie label out of Canada.

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Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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