Bear//Face For Your….Face

If you have not fully recovered from a raging friday night, then have some Bear//Face. If you are up and about way too early for a Saturday, then have some Bear//Face. If you had a great night and are just getting home and need to come down with some goodness, then have some Bear//Face. What I’m saying here is, get you some of this Bear//Face! This 19 year old producer out of Belfast has put together an EP that continues a chill step sound that is really taking off due to the successes of artists like Bondax, XXYYXX, Star Slinger and Two Inch Punch.

Below you will see the first two tracks of the album, which he has posted on his Soundcloud (follow HERE!) so you can show him some love. But go to his Bandcamp site (HERE!) and buy the album for whatever you choose. I predict after listening to the first two tracks of the EP you’ll be sold. 

Taste My Sad by BE?R//FVCE


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