Atu Has an Album Just for You

Well it’s quite early on my side of the world, and the coffee’s just now percolating. While I try to shake the cobwebs out and get rousted for another day, I will be enjoying a great little EP from atu, an artist we’ve featured once before.

In the post where we featured atu (HERE), it was in the middle of a multi-artist post which didn’t really talk about this producer too much. Out of Ann Arbor, MI, Atupele makes some really great tunes that incorporate some Quiet Storm soul with chillwave production, making for something I, for one, really really like.

The little EP I referred to above is on his Bandcamp page (HERE) and it is available for free to the consumer. Sure the EP is only 12 minutes long and it’s over way before you would like, but we take our goodness where we can, right?

The first track on the EP, Promise Ya and linked below, bribgs together some justin Timberlake, some Destiny’s Child and some miguel to make this a really good track that takes you down into the depths of what this little EP has to offer. The second track off the EP, Soul Child, is the one that we featured in the post referenced above and is worth another listen. The second track posted below is entitled Bonus Track and boy is it a bonus. Following suit from the previous tracks this one is as enjoyable and a great inclusion.

My advice is to download this album forthwith, enjoy it, and follow atu directly after. I really cannot wait to see what he has in store for us down the road.

promise_ya by ?t?

??(?V) – ‘bonus track’ by ?t?

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