All Aboard! The E-TRAIN

So anyone who knows me knows I love E-TRAIN, production outfit out of LA. I’ve been bumping his tunes for over a year now. I know that doesn’t give me og status or anything, but whatever, I love the music.

In anticipation of a new album coming out November 10, called Imagination of Mr. Malo, E-TRAIN has released a few tracks for his followers on Soundcloud and abroad.

The first track is a remix done of Ratatat’s track Cherry, as remixed by Broke For Free. It’s a laid back tune with E-TRAIN supplying chill vocals to a chill tune. It’s very enjoyable and very downloadable. So do it!

E-TRAIN – Cherry (Ratatat remix by Broke For Free) by eTRAINmusic

Second, we have the track that really solidified me as a fan of E-TRAIN. All Aboard uses the sample that Public Enemy used to such great effect for their Night Train track from their absolute classic Apocalypse ’91 album. But the sample only accentuates the track and its great mix of subtle beat, and wonky clip clops to make one hell of a jam. It’s off his first album, Wrath of Roxanne+ (get it HERE), and it’s just one of 17 absolute stormers.

All Aboard – E-TRAIN by eTRAINmusic

And then third we have this great track with Charles Bradley’s soul exuding from every pore. E-TRAIN doesn’t overpower or overshadow, they’re just there to provide supplemental vibe. It was a quick one time recorded mix, but even this quickie is quite awesome.

E-TRAIN – AMERICA ft. Charles Bradley by eTRAINmusic

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