Woody’s Fisherman

Woody’s Produce is nothing if not diverse. You might remember his great remixes of Biggie Smalls’ tunes (HERE) and instead of pigeonholing himself into that circle of hiphop remixers (of which there are some great ones) he has given us a sweet little remix of an indie band, called The Peach Kings.

You might ask how this track came about, well oddly enough, it is used for a promotional video for a Jenna Haze backed venture called the Daily Desire. You can watch the NSFW video for this HERE if you’d like, but the song itself is definitely worth a listen with or without Jenna.

So check the song, buy it HERE, and follow Woody’s Produce. You never know what will come out next and I, for one, love it that way.

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Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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