Synaesthetik still has it

Synaesthetik has been cranking out the greatness since our last post that featured one of his tracks (HERE). From his emergence on the blog (remember this one?) he hasn’t put out one miss of a track.  He has his style down to a T and it’s great. Sweeping atmospherics, intricate drums, synth and melody work interspersed with a wubwub here and there and we have what makes Synaesthetik such a great listen.

The two tracks below are a little different from each other, though.  While The Glow represents what we’ve come to expect and love from Synaesthetik, the first track below is a remix of a cover of a The Knife song that we’ve all heard.  Yet the cover and then Synaesthetik’s remix puts a whole new spin on it making it sound almost like a completely original tune.

So enjoy these tunes, follow Synaesthetik, and show him some love.

The Glow by Synaesthetik

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