RIT and LuQuS give us the chilllab

It’s not fair sometimes when two artists come together. You think of how good a collaboration might be, but then when it happens, you’re excited and tentative. Excited for how awesome the new sounds HAVE to be and tentative because what happens if they miss?

Well we can relax today because we are able to remain in the excited camp as RIT and LuQuS have joined forces to create some wonderfulness. I have to thank LuQuS for introducing me to RIT and I’ve been a keen admirer of both ever since.

Any reader of the blog will know we’ have been following the two great producers (LuQus and RIT), but NOW, with this collaboration we can feature ’em both in one tidy post. How considerate of them!

So follow RIT, follow LuQuS and let’s just hope they do more of these collaborations.

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Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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