Navigateur’s 2020 Vision

Navigateur, or Carlos Andujar out of Jacksonville, FL, is giving us all an EP to enjoy. And when I say enjoy, I mean it. He’s given the Waxhole an advance listen and yeah the two tracks posted below are just the surface of the goodness that follows.

We’ve posted Navigateur before (HERE) and we’ve been keeping tabs on him ever since. This album will be available to download on the label’s site, and there will be a listening party on here on Friday (More details).

As for the album, the title track, 2020 as you see below is one that synths out to great effect, using the driving beat to keep that head bobbin and the ass shakin’.  We Need The Beat is equally infectious as 2020 and you’ll be left wanting more after hearing.
When asked about the inspiration or theme of the album, Navigateur had this to say:

“The theme is basically an homage to an antiquated vision of how people from the late 70s and 80s may have viewed the future in the new millenium (think cityscapes seen in Bladerunner, sci-fi tech seen in Dune, the silliness of Back to the Future). It follows a loose narrative of a girl stumbling into this futuristic city and the EP is more or less a soundtrack chronicling her journey through the city as she wanders its streets,  finds love, and eventually escapes it and returns to a home of pure energy.”

 So follow Navigateur, check out the rest of the album and show Carlos some love. He deserves it!

2020 (Title Track) by Navigateur

We Need the Beat by Navigateur

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