McGhee’s Telemiscommunications

There comes a point when you really want an artist to go down a road he/she’s hinted at rather than just flirt with it. When I heard Alex McGhee’s remix of Frog, a Carbon Based Lifeforms track, I was really blown away. Don’t get me wrong, his other stuff is great as well (examples), but that remix really showed me that he had more range, depth, and skill.

So after annoying him with entreaties of whether he would follow that track up with more chilled out greatness, he assured me he would, and voila! we have our first entry. A Deadmau5-Immogen Heap joint that really takes the best of the track and mashes it together with McGhee’s own flavor.

Lovely tune and one that is just the tip of the iceberg from what it sounds. I, for one, cannot wait to hear where he goes next.

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Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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