K Theory has gone to the Wolves

For those of our readership and friends that came by our Waxhole Thursday event last week on turntable.fm, you were treated to great music, great people and a great atmosphere (we’ll be there this Thursday as well, so come on by!). One of those great people spinning great music was one of the guys of K Theory. Giving us the low-down on new musics, new ventures and letting us listen to a few sample cuts from these upcoming projects.

One thing is for certain with the guys of K Theory (yeah THESE guys), they’re definitely not sitting still. They release music on the regular and it’s enjoyable every single time.

This track for instance shows the departure from dubstep, of sorts. There are still elemnts, but the prototypical dubstep is gone. Nor is this track in the trap camp even though there are elements. It’s just an enjoyable track from start to finish that gets the head bobbin and that upper lip curled, Billy Idol style, which is really all we ask of a tune, if we’re being honest.

So cop this track, check out all of the rest of K Theory’s sounds and follow the guys (HERE) for more good tunage.

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Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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