Jackamo Gets Remixed

So remember over the weekend when I mentioned I’d been in a hip-hop state of mind (Refresher 1 and Refresher 2)? well it has persisted into the week. And when you hear the tracks below, you’ll understand why.

Anyone who follows Scroobius Pip on Twitter, and EVERYONE should (@Scroobiuspipyo, and follow us too! @waxholerecords) knows the name of Jackamo Brown. What you might not have heard is that producer FlamesYall, out of the UK, took Jackamo’s album and got some artists to lend their talents and remixed the entire album.

Not only is Jackamo’s album class (get it HERE) but this remix album is equally as nice. A great little package for your Tuesday just got much much better.

So check Jackamo’s album, follow FlamesYall, and by all means hook onto Scroobius Pip if you haven’t already. The dude is amazing and funny to boot!

TilOneMorningEverythingBurnnned (Feat. K.I.N.E.T.I.K.) by FlamesYall

CaraSiiilas (Feat. Cyclops) by FlamesYall

PrayerForSlowwwDeath (Feat. Keb0) by FlamesYall

WhennnIGo (Feat. Goose) by FlamesYall

LayyyLow (Feat. Worgie & FlamesYall) by FlamesYall

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