ill-esha covers Telefon so so good

The lovely ill-esha covering Telefon Tel Aviv is one of those things that should make the universe implode. But somehow the cover has surfaced, the space time continuum is unchanged and the universe rotates same as it ever was. I did think i felt a little wobble in the earth’s rotation though…momentarily…

So let’s sit back and listen to this track, ill-esha providing the luscious vocals, and the production. The track is a haunting tribute to the duo who lost one of its members back in 2009 and really brings out the emotion in ill-esha herself. Explaining that the inspiration to this cover were life events that threw her for a loop, the track takes on a deeper life of its own and the tangible emotions emitted through her vocals and production make it even more real for the listener.

And for those of the ADD type, if you don’t listen until the 2 1/2 minute mark, you just lost 1 internet.

You might recognize these vocals from a past track we posted of her and her project Intelepaths (HERE), and if so you’ll remember how great she is tweakin knobs and beltin’ out vocals. So if you haven’t already, follow ill-esha. Not following her and her work is as close as you can get to getting your Waxhole Card revoked.

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