Griz and that new album!

You remember that Griz track we teased the album with last week (HERE) and the week before (HERE)? Well here’s the whole album right here. Because our wonderful readers deserve to hear the whole thing, and because Griz (Follow him HERE) is just so badass that he gave this album to us for free. How awesome is that???

Enjoy and download this thang.

NOTE: You’ll notice a few tracks missing in the order.  Those tracks are included in the links above from past posts.  

01 Too Young For Tragedy by GRiZ

03 Rock N Roll by GRiZ

04 Blastaa by GRiZ

05 Live On Arrival by GRiZ

07 Mr. B (feat. Dominic Lalli) by GRiZ

08 Fall In Love Too Fast by GRiZ

09 Better Than Ive Ever Been by GRiZ

10 Wonder Why by GRiZ

12 See You Again by GRiZ

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