Cry Wolf in Alt-J’s Breezeblocks

Alt-J’s track Breezeblocks is one fantastic jam, as is that entire album. The fact that Cry wolf has chosen to include a remix of this on their remix album is quite simply greatness.

We have run the gamut of tracks for this remix album of theirs. We’ve had dubstep (Adventure Club), downtempo (Mum), indie dance (Knife Party) and now we have Alt-J. Alt-J’s original works so well with that simple guitar and vocals for the verses that crescendo into a big sounding chorus.

With this remix, Cry Wolf has beefed it up to make it an even bigger sound throughout. justin had this to say about the inspiration behind remixing this great tune:

Breezeblocks is one of the top played songs on my iTunes right now, and Alt-J is one my most played recent albums and it has been for some time. When I found out there were official stems out for it I absolutely had to try my hand at it. The original is so gritty and earthy, so one of my main challenges was maintaining that analogue, organic, indie-rock band sound quality while stepping up intensity and rhythm. I’m really happy with how it came out.

It really is fascinating to listen to Cry Wolf’s maturation with their production with each remix. Choosing songs that are close to their hearts rather than what are chart toppers also speaks to the power of the work itself as well as the longevity this album will enjoy.

So enjoy this big tune, and as a bonus enjoy the video the Cry Wolf lads made for their previous track, Mum’s Ballad of Broken Birdie Records.  And more over follow Cry Wolf for the good tunes as they drop and the Free Downloads they have available.

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