Cashmere Cat with the 773 Love

After hearing Jeremih’s track 773 Love the first time it didn’t register as a track that I would be blogging not one but two remixes of it in the future. But lo and behold we had one last week (HERE) and now we have this one. While the Daedelus remix was a nice upbeat and juked out remix, this one is slowed down and really a sexy little number.

Cashmere Cat out of Oslo is one of those remix artists that really develop their own sound with whatever track they re-fit. I love that about remixers and Cashmere Cat is no different.

¬†As a bonus, check this Lana remix. This slipped through my net, so even though it’s 2 weeks old, you all still deserve to hear it.

So follow Cashmere Cat and enjoy everything in the catalogue.

Lana Del Rey – National Anthem (Cashmere Cat Remix) by Cashmere Cat

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