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One thing you have to know about this post before you read on is that this is full of me fawning over tracks that are heaters, but heaters in a different sense. A more chilled sense. I’ve found some great artists in my quest for chillness (Exhibits A, B, C, and D) and I’ve found some more.

This post is serving as an introduction since these artists all deserve their own posts. This introduction, though, is my way of telling you about music you will be hearing more of in the future. I speak with such finality because if in reviewing the past predicts the future, then my bold claim is safe. So follow these great artists, and see just what they have in store for you in the coming days/weeks/months.

The first track is from a Michigander (that’s an official term. I have family that are Michiganders so while I still sound ridiculous, at least I have facts on my side) named Alopex. This track is atmospheric, syrupy yet with a great beat to keep you engaged and really loving it. This track has no vocal samples, and while I am a sucker for the vocals, this track absolutely does not need it. You want a comparison? Think Tycho meets Ulrich Schnauss and you have a sense of what this track is.

  We Talk Sometimes by Alopex

This next track is from another Michigander named…atu…which is really spelled in Cyrillic lettering and means something in Greek, but since I studied a different Cyrillic based language (Russian) where letters were made up just for fun, I’m not quite sure what the name says or means…if anything. But I digress…a lot actually. This track from atu has those vocals I so love, and set against a smoky soul backdrop, this track hits me in all the right places. The only place it doesn’t hit me in is the track’s length. So short for such a great song seems a travesty.

  soul_child by αtμ

This track could be a natural extension of atu’s above in it’s slow soul burn. It’s got the vocals, more in sampled form, finger snaps, raindrop production and the electric piano work that covers it all so nicely. Once again, though, this track ends way too soon. ~Roof Light~ out of England seems to be just starting his musical journey and if further maturation of sound is involved, we’re all in for a wonderful ride.

Already Know… by ~Roof Light~

The last track is from a lad named Tom Earwaker, out of Engerland (that’s England for those who can’t read my inner dialogue’s faux accent). Full disclosure for those impatient ones out there, give this track 45 seconds for it go get going, and believe me it does. There are those vocals again, and the off beat percussion makes me love it even more.

Inside by TomEarwaker

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