Waxhole does Denver!

Those of you who are Facebook fans of the blog have probably seen pictures surfacing from a Waxhole event that was held in Denver last week. Put together in large part by local DJ extraordinaire, DJ Babyshoe, this event brought together friends of the blog, artists that have appeared on the blog as well as friends made through Waxhole’s favorite Turntable.fm room, DNGR Beats.

From our first shirt’s appearance, to playing side by side with Groove Cereal, MANCUB and Babyshoe himself, the night was a huge success. Raising money for a fallen artist in LA was great, and enjoying the night with good music, great beer (graciously donated by Great Divide Breweries) and even better company made the night an absolute stormer. One of those when you look up with extreme disappointment when the house lights come up with the first hint that the night is drawing to a close. So many people we finally got to put faces with names. Guys we have posted like Real Cosby, MANCUB, Groove Cereal, and Synaesthetik were there as well as Flashlights and Cerulean/L E IT, guys we haven’t but probably will soon, given their work.  And then others who are more on the Promotions/Management side of things like JINRO and Holy Underground showed their support

A big thanks for The Deer Pile, a pretty cool community center room over a great restaurant City O’ City and the guys who helped. A special shoutout goes to Leonard, a local artists with studio space in the same area as the Deer Pile, who painted on stage only to cut in on the dancefloor with tremendous roller skating moves.

Another great big thanks goes out to Great Divide Brewery who donated 4 cases of their great beer for the party. DJ Babyshoe deserves a big thanks as does the great people of Denver who made it out. It was a small affair, but it was truly a wonderful night and shows how great the artists that have been blogged by, as well as the friends of The Waxhole are great people as well.

A great big THANK YOU to everyone who came out and look out for more Waxhole events to come!

And now for some music! Check out tunes from Groove Cereal, Synaesthetik and MANCUB.

Leitbur – Think of tomorrow (MNCB REMIX) by ManCub_

Cold by Synaesthetik

Two Deep (Groove Cereal, StR©K Collab) by Groove Cereal

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