Terabyte Frenzy gives us the Monday Fire

THiNK set the precedent today with his bangin post earlier this morning so I have to reply in turn. So how about some ragga infused funkedified bass action? And moombahton too? Well sure!

The first track below, Collie Buddz gets that neurofunk treatment from Terabyte Frenzy, Alexander Ushakov out of England, and that treatment is very very nice. Gets you poppin and lockin while smokin a spliff. Well it would if you weren’t stuck at work, like I am.

┬áThe second track is a moombah track with ragga sounds as well and the really heavy bass that makes me like it even more. We don’t post too much moombah, but this one here deserves it.

Enjoy this track, enjoy his other sounds (HERE) and let’s all get through the day together, shall we?

Collie Buddz -Come Around (Terabyte Frenzy ‘Get Nasty’ Remix) by Terabyte Frenzy

Terabyte Frenzy – Crude Tactics (Orignal Mix) by Terabyte Frenzy

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